Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco 2014

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Nike Women San Francisco

Assumption of Risk and Privacy Policy



By successfully completing this application, you will be entered into the Random Draw for Nike Women San Francisco 2015. The Random Draw opens at 12pm PDT June 15, 2015 and will close at 11:59am PDT on June 29, 2015. Applying early does not increase your chances of being selected for participation. No application will be received after the close. Upon successful submission of your application you will receive an email confirmation. Entering the Random Draw does not guarantee your entry to Nike Women San Francisco.

Entering as a group does not increase your chances of being selected. All group entries will be treated as a single entry. Groups will be limited to a total of (10) members. The size of your group will not affect your chances of being selected.

Accepted Random Draw entries are non-transferable, non-refundable, and only valid for Nike Women San Francisco. Participants receiving accepted entries will be registered for the Half Marathon and will have the opportunity to register for additional Nike Women San Francisco events, for no additional cost, until events have reached capacity. Only participants who have been accepted to Nike Women San Francisco will be able to register for additional events.


In order to be selected for participation, applicants must provide a valid credit card. Your card will NOT be charged unless you are selected. If the credit card information is incorrect or there is a problem processing the card during the selection phase, your application will be declined. To avoid this situation, please ensure you take the following steps.

Step 1: Verify the credit card information is correct (Card Name, Number, Security Code).
Step 2: Verify the credit card is valid through July 2015.
Step 3: Confirm the billing address associated with the card (especially if you have moved recently).